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Since the days of King David, the Jewish people never had an artist like Naomi Shemer, whose music was sang by so many and had such a vast and dramatic effect and influence on the Jewish and Israeli narrative.

Over 1,000 songs were written and composed by Shemer. Many of which tells the story of the State of Israel - from its birth to our days, in happy times and in sad ones.

Her work is still very much ‘alive' and cherished by all.

Naomi Shemer belongs to everyone, in the Jewish State and across the world.



Photo: Yael Rozen

My name is Roy Rimshon, I live in Lotem (Galilee) Israel.
I'm an educator researcher and a lecturer (Hebrew and English) on the subject of Naomi Shemer - Israel's national song writer and composer.


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About the Lecture

My lecturers tells the story of the state of Israel through the story of Naomi Shemer, and the songs (that I show during my presentation) makes the audience sing along and transforms the all event into a very special experience.

The presentation can be in Hebrew or English

Edmond Elbaz,  President cooperation of

Spanish & Portuguese Jews Shearith Israel of Montreal

Roy presented masterfully the story of Naomi Shemer  and personal anecdotes. The audience of over through  200 people followed songs breaking with
applause after each song, each anecdote, that spoke directly to the heart.


Yoni and Ariela

 I want to congratulate you on the event tonight about the life and songs of Naomi Shemer.

It was wonderful. The presentation was outstanding with great flow, mixed with personal and historical reflections. Roy was fabulous. 

Tzahi Billet,
Co-founder and program Director, free spirit experience

We would like to thank you for you rich and insightful presentation you delivered for our
participants, about Naomi Shemer.

They were very thrilled and interested to hear you talking about the milestones in her life, and how you connected it to the story of the State
of Israel.

It is very challenging to have the attention of adolescents (boys and girls between the ages
of 14-19) for more than an hour, but you charismatic and delightful attitude, and your wonderful storytelling skills created a great and memorable evening.

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